E hana mua pa`a ke kahua mamua o ke a`o ana aku ia ha`i.

"Build yourself a firm foundation before teaching it to others"

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To strengthen Native Hawaiian businesses and professions located within the county of Kaua`i by building on a foundation of relationships, resources, and Hawaiian cultural values.

- To provide the means for the promotion of Aloha among its members, the people of the State of Hawai`i and those engaged in business or industry and those employed in such business or industry.

- To provide the means to organize the Hawaiian business community within the island of Kaua`i, and the State of Hawai`i, into a viable economic and social voice.

- To encourage and promote the interests of its members engaged in trade, commerce and the professions.

- To encourage and support worthy, charitable, educational, scientific, community and other benevolent undertakings and projects.

Being Native Hawaiian is not a criteria for being a member of the Chamber, we seek members that have the Spirit of Aloha and understand the meaning of Strong Community, Strong Business.


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