E hana mua pa`a ke kahua mamua o ke a`o ana aku ia ha`i.

"Build yourself a firm foundation before teaching it to others"

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Words from our President


O ka`ulu iki mai keia nana e ka`a i kahua loa

This is the small maika stone that rolls over a long field  #2445

What I like about this `Olelo No`eau is that it describe our organization well.  We may be small, but as we gain momentum, we will find our mark and reach our goals. 

I’d like to thank our past President Dirk Soma for all of his hard work and dedication to getting our organization to where we are today.  Thank you to our past Executive Director Jennifer Ingersoll who also worked diligently in keeping our organization rolling in the right direction. 

With any change in leadership comes a new direction and this year my focus is going to be on our members and how can we, as an organization, better engage with our members and help them become more successful. 

I believe that our biggest asset as an organization is the value that can be found in the hard work of our members and the many bumps that they have experienced along the way.  In that experience, we can find the many benefits when business owners share those lessons with each other, we all can find success. 

This year, we are planning to have more of a sharing style of events that should bring great ideas, challenges and solutions with the hope that all who attend leave with something they can apply to their business as soon as they get home. 

I’m also looking forward to working with the Board, who continues to support the success of our Hawaiian Business Community.  Investing many hours coming to meeting and helping manage events.  

We want to know what our members want or need to help them become more successful. 

In my experience playing Ulu Maika, you must study surface and the texture of the land.  Gage the distance of the target for aim.  You need to know how much strength you have to use the right distance. Then the roll you make must be smooth and true. Just like in business.  You must study the market, create business goals and aim at those goals and then take a chance and let the Ulu Maika fly.  You’ll see it jump on the many bumps and then wiggle on and off course.  But with the right strategy, proper planning and knowing your business inside and out, You’ll hit the mark and slide between the two sticks to reach victory. 

O ka`ulu iki mai keia nana e ka`a i kahua loa

This is the small maika stone that rolls over a long field


John Kaohelaulii, President
Kaua`i Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce



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